Rob was born in South Africa to an English mother & South African father. He grew up in South Africa but after finishing his education travelled extensively receiving private tuition from various portrait painters in the USA & Europe as well as studying the techniques of traditional classical painting. He became a professional portrait painter at the age of 23 and went on to have a very fulfilling career spanning over 45 years. He painted numerous portraits of people of all nationalities and received many commissions to paint dignitaries, CEOs and their spouses and children in countries such as the USA , Mauritius , Botswana , South Africa & the UK. He also gave live portrait demonstrations on TV shows in the USA,Mauritius & South Africa. He gained a considerable following on YouTube where he posted clips from live demonstrations & trailers of his popular series of portrait tuition videos. He also wrote articles for various art publications including The Artist (UK), Paint (SAA) magazine, Artists & Illustrators, International Artist & The South African Artist magazines. In January 2021 his first book Painting Portraits in Oils was published internationally. After his untimely recent passing there will be an opportunity in the upcoming year to view and purchase some of his original works at scheduled events and exhibitions. Another book this time on pastels and incorporating Rob's teachings is also envisaged by his wife Elaine and artist son Joel Wareing.

                               Past galleries and exhibitions:-

                                Portrait  Institute , New York

                                Riverbend Art  Gallery , SA

                                Henry Taylor Art Gallery , SA

                                 Gallery Anne , Botswana

                             David Ryan Gallery , California

                            Jacque Baissac gallery, Mauritius

                                    Marti D’Art  gallery , SA

                                    Depictions gallery, SA

                                   Artists’ Gallery KZN , SA  

                        The Barn Gallery, Patchings’ Art Centre , UK 

                                  Fletchergate Gallery , UK 

                         The Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Gallery, UK